ne of our customers said:" There are a lot of Asian veggie
restaurants in the Bay Area – Garden Fresh is the best."

Garden Fresh is a vegan Chinese restaurant based on Bud-
dhist spirit that offers a variety of vegetable, tofu, and
wheat gluten dishes. The main part of our menu consists
of various tofu/soy bean dishes made with tofu skin, dry
tofu or marinated tofu with unique and delicious sauces.
The restaurant also offers appetizers, soups, and dessert
- a special soy bean-based ice cream. Brown rice comes
with almost all entrees

The restaurant is located in Mountain View, the center of
Silicon Valley, and has been open for almost 14 years.
Throughout the ups and downs of the local economy, we
have remained open every day and feel fortunate to have
many loyal customers that have been with us for many
years now.

In order to make the restaurant better and better, we have
added some new items and several of these items have
become very popular. We will continue to work hard to
make our customers enjoy being with us all the time.

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